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Wanks as Thanks: UK Sex performers unite behind the National Health Service

Écrit par sur 29 mai 2020

For healthcare workers, it’s without doubt a stressful time. But in the UK a group of adult performers have come up with their own way to help. They’ve put up free content on the platform ‘Only Fans’ for medical staff to enjoy at the end of a long day. And anyone else who wants access has to pay 5 dollars, money that goes straight to the NHS. The initiative is called ‘Wanks as Thanks’. We’re joined by Alexxa Vice, the adult performer who started the whole thing: 

It’s really nice for people to have the opportunity to see our humanity

“I’d initially posted saying I would give free access to my page to NHS staff, but then we realised that we could actually start fundraising. Everyone was really keen to donate content.

We coined the ‘Wanks as Thanks’ hashtag – which has limited us a little bit given a lot of places don’t want that word on their page. But it is catchy! We’re posting every day and now we’ve raised over $750.

It’s really nice for people to have the opportunity to see our humanity. We’re so often represented as just our job and not necessarily in a very nice light. They kind of forget that we’re people, our family are NHS staff, our family are patients of the NHS.

We’ve had a lot of really nice messages of thanks. I mean, we obviously know it’s not a world changing kind of thing to be able to have a nice free wank at the end of the day. It’s just a bit of a pick-me-up.

We have had requests for nurses outfits. I was kind of wary of whether that was going to be offensive or not. I’ve not done it yet, but I think probably some kind of doctor nurse role-play is on the cards.”

This isn’t the first time during the pandemic that the adult industry has tried to lend a hand. At the start of lockdown, Pornhub granted access to their premium service for free in France, Italy and Spain, a move some have criticised as opportunistic. The website has been accused of trying to give itself a philanthropic image, despite allegations of exploitative content on its site.

Smaller initiatives present alternative ways for the industry to contribute to the fight against coronavirus. Back in March, following shortages of medical supplies across Europe, a medical fetish vendor in the UK donated all its stock to the National Health service. 

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