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European values Outrage in Europe the past weeks after Hungary passed its new anti-LGBTQ legislation, banning portrayals of homosexuality or of transgender people in content exposed to minors. The fierce reactions of EU leaders revealed, once again, the division over the common EU values. How did journalists in different EU countries report on this dividing issue? […]

The AstraZeneca row and rainbow disputes “A Belgian court has pulled off what no one thought was possible” wrote Jillian Deutsch in Politico, when the Belgian judge made both the European Commission and AstraZeneca happy with his ruling in the case, a political battle that has been dragging on for months. How did European newspapers report on the judge’s decision? […]

For a few days, Brussels turned into a fortified fortress this week when Joe Biden was visiting the European capital. All means were used to make sure that the new pro-European US president would not be short on anything. How did the European press report on the important visit, and the consequences for EU-US relations? […]

A breakthrough was reached in the G7 summit last weekend, when the largest industrial countriesworldwide reached a deal to tax global companies, a landmark, according to many newspapers. You’ll find the script below : A breakthrough was reached in the G7 summit last weekend, when the largest industrial countries worldwide reached a deal to tax […]

The fight over farming It is not often that technical negotiations about European policies reach Tiktok or Instagram, but at the end of last year, we suddenly saw hashtags and memes about one of Europe’s biggest budget posts: the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). In light of increased attention on the – potential – greening of […]

Belarus, a historic ruling in a climate case and the search for an extreme right soldier Quite exceptionally, all EU leaders swiftly agreed during their summit on Monday: Belarus grounding of a civilian flight was a “hijacking”, which should be strongly condemned. Belarus was to be sanctioned. How did European newspapers report on this exceptional […]

Another episode of the series ‘Escalating violence between Israel and the Palestinians’, that is how journalist Joris Luyendijk described the media coverage of resurgent violence back in 2018. “This is a media war and not a war with a lot of media coverage”, he argued. After years of, relatively, media silence, the conflict tragically made the […]

Madrid elections A focus on Madrid this week, where a tense election campaign came to an end and the Madrileños casted their vote for a new government. As predicted by the press “Covid lockdown rebel” Isabel Diaz Ayuso celebrated a landslide victory, taking 65 seats, just 4 short of an absolute majority. Madrid was not […]

The tail end of the “biggest Nazi trial since Nuremberg” It was last year that Greece’s Golden Dawn party was ruled as a criminal organisation, and its leaders convicted of running it. Only this week, one of its leaders, Ioannis Lagos was arrested in Brussels when his immunity as a Member of the European Parliament […]

 EU-Russia tensions and a scandalous League A fraught week this week with Russia-EU tensions flaring up again, leaving Russia’s relations with the US, EU and NATO are at their worst point since the end of the Cold War, according to Der Spiegel. Besides, much attention for the potential launch of a so-called new Super League, a […]