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Another episode of the series ‘Escalating violence between Israel and the Palestinians’, that is how journalist Joris Luyendijk described the media coverage of resurgent violence back in 2018. “This is a media war and not a war with a lot of media coverage”, he argued. After years of, relatively, media silence, the conflict tragically made the […]

Madrid elections A focus on Madrid this week, where a tense election campaign came to an end and the Madrileños casted their vote for a new government. As predicted by the press “Covid lockdown rebel” Isabel Diaz Ayuso celebrated a landslide victory, taking 65 seats, just 4 short of an absolute majority. Madrid was not […]

The tail end of the “biggest Nazi trial since Nuremberg” It was last year that Greece’s Golden Dawn party was ruled as a criminal organisation, and its leaders convicted of running it. Only this week, one of its leaders, Ioannis Lagos was arrested in Brussels when his immunity as a Member of the European Parliament […]

 EU-Russia tensions and a scandalous League A fraught week this week with Russia-EU tensions flaring up again, leaving Russia’s relations with the US, EU and NATO are at their worst point since the end of the Cold War, according to Der Spiegel. Besides, much attention for the potential launch of a so-called new Super League, a […]

CDU’s troubled reputation With only a few months left before the elections, the image of Merkel’s party got tarnished the past weeks in light of multiple corruption scandals. What did the European press write about the allegations , and are CDU/CSU still leading with the elections approaching, or are the German Greens going for the […]

EU-China relations and another vaccine scandal “What a difference three months make” wrote Stuart Lau in Politico when the EU-China relations soured this week after the country launched a sanctions attack on the EU. December last year, Europe’s leaders still hurried to reach an agreement with the Chinese president, facilitating EU investments in one of the world’s fastest […]

Dutch elections This Wednesday, all eyes were set on the Netherlands, when the Dutch casted their vote in the midst of the ongoing crisis and after a rough political year resulting in the government’s resignation last January. Despite the political crisis, Mark Rutte managed to win, again, aiming for a fourth term in office. What […]

Puigdemont & International Women’s Day In Spain convicted, in Brussels protected, that was the status of Carles Puigdemont and two other Catalan Members of the European Parliament. Was. Until this Tuesday, when the Parliament voted to strip the immunity of the MEPs. In this week’s What’s New(s) we discuss how Belgian and Spanish media reported […]

A final farewell “The end of a story of romance and betrayal” that is how Spanish newspaper El Confidencial described the divorce between Prime Minister Victor Orbán’s Fidesz party and the EPP, the centre-right block in the European Parliament. Tensions between the EPP group and its controversial member have been accumulating for years, but the introduction […]

Attacks on the freedom of expression A breakthrough in the Caruana Galizia case this week, when one of the three suspects changed his plea, admitted to all charges, and was sentenced with 15 years jail. It has been over 3 years now that the Maltese journalist and anti-corruption activist was murdered by a car bomb. […]