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Euradio have picked out 10 of the best music documentaries to watch whilst you’re at home during lockdown, or whenever you like really – they aren’t time-sensitive! From documentaries about legendary musicians, to concert tours and a festival gone-wrong…there’s something here for everyone. (1) Chavela (2017) by Daresha Kyi & Catherine Gund Born in Costa […]

There’s not really any musician who has made a successful career without struggles, heartbreak or some kind of challenge along the way. And the second-best thing to seeing what it’s really like being a rockstar is watching a film about one! Euradio has picked 10 of the best music biopics about today’s most influential musicians […]

Films can be an escapism from reality or a mirror of it. They can also help us understand the world around us. And when would be a better time to watch a film than when you’re legally obliged to stay indoors?! Here are some of euradio’s favourite films by European directors. 1 – Lazzaro Felice […]

Everything from your next concert to even a small gathering at the bar with your friends is pretty much cancelled, temporarily at least. But some things can never be cancelled, and well, thank goodness, otherwise how would we stay sane in these crazy times? Non-cancelled things include: singing, dancing, reading, writing, eating, drawing, sleeping, cooking, […]