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This weekend in Nantes will see the 17th and final edition of SOY Festival. Founded in 1999, SOY Festival runs every October and is organised and led entirely by volunteers. Every year they welcome artists from all over the world to celebrate all genres of music, from post-punk to electronica. Katherine Wood caught up with […]

After its creation in 2016, Mon Film festival back and in full swing this week. The festival takes place in the Wazemmes neighbourhood of Lille each year, and is born out of the belief that film should be about community. The concept of the festival is unique: it’s the local community who select the films, […]

Following the release of their latest album, Imanust (2019) in September, the bordelais duo – Blandine Peis et d’Émeline Marceau (Roseland) – from Génial au Japon have embarked on their tour of France. Despite their packed schedule, Blandine kindly gave up some of her time to speak to Bella Jewell. Check out the podcast below […]

Image: SweatLodge SweatLodge is a collective founded in 2005 and based in Nantes that hosts wild costume parties under the shelter of a travelling circus tent. A founder of the collective, Martin Geoffre, took a break from building up and decorating the SweatLodge tent to talk to us about their parties and how the group […]

    In the run up to the beginning of Festival Trajectoires, a dance festival taking place all over Nantes, Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the chance to speak to Erika Hess, the co-director of the Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes. Erika opened the interview by talking about what we can […]

    ‘Sur une feuille’ est la nouvelle création minimaliste de la Cie Syllabe, une compagnie nantaise créée en 2001. Avant ce spectacle qui aura lieu dimanche, Hanna, l’animatrice actuelle de ‘The Euradio Show’, a eu l’opportunité de parler avec Bénédicte Gougeon, la metteuse en scène du spectacle. Pour commencer, elle nous aide à imaginer la scène: […]

      For the winter edition of the Univerciné Brittanique, Hanna and Lauren, the current presenters of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the pleasure to invite David Jackson to the studio, director of the film ‘Winterlong’. He spoke to us about the plot of the film, the importance of the father-son relationship within it and […]

  Avant la projection du film Matangi /Maya /M.I.A dans le Festival Univerciné Britannique, Lauren, l’animatrice pour l’émission ‘The Euradio Show’, a eu l’opportunité de parler avec Nicolas Thévenin, qui va le présenter le samedi. Nicolas a discuté l’importance du film pour lui et pourquoi c’est si intéressant de s’en concentrer sur l’artiste M.I.A. En […]

    In the run up to the first screening for this festival, Hanna and Lauren, the current presenters of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the opportunity to invite director Nick Kelly to the studio for an interview. He started off by talking about the plot of his film, ‘The Drummer and the Keeper’, a buddy […]

      In the week of the winter edition of the Festival Univerciné Britannique, the two British presenters of the Euradio Show, Hanna and Lauren, were joined by creative director Céline Letemplé and Irish director Nick Kelly for an interview. To start, they spoke with Céline, who talked to us about the goal in […]