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For our weekly “Ideas on Europe” editorial by UACES, the University Association for Contemporary European Studies, we welcome Borja Garcia from Loughborough University, in the United Kingdom. Borja, your research refers often to what is called the “European Model of Sport”. What is actually understood by this expression? The European Model of Sport is a […]

For our second “Ideas on Europe” editorial, we have the pleasure to welcome today Helen Drake, Director of the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London. Helen, you wanted to speak about Franco-British diplomacy and what it tells us about how to get on – or not! – with the neighbours. Let […]

Today’s the kick-off for our new weekly editorial in english simply called Ideas on Europe. Every Friday, a member of the International Academic Association – UACES – will address a current topic, and we’ll respect the hierarchy, beginning with the newly elected chair, our President of the Association, Simon Usherwood, Professor at the Open University. […]