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Cash & Culture – CREATIVE EDUCATION #5

Student - Audencia School of Management 6 février 2019

Cash & Culture – Programme 5


What is the purpose of education?

Education is not only about the accumulation of rational knowledge, but the process of awakening minds. In order to further educate students in a human way, creativity plays a rather important role in education. Did you share this experience when young? Parents are often proud of our creativity and imagination, and will praise. What a lovely idea!

However, when we grow up, we are forcibly shaped into the people society needs, sometimes constraining our creativity and imagination. Therefore, we have a question: Do we lose creativity while we are growing up?

In response to this question, we interviewed a variety of teachers and students, asking them about their ideas of creative education. In the end, we came to the interesting conclusion that creativity is a significant condiment sprinkled throughout people’s lives.

At the same time, following their pre-university education, the number of students who study abroad is also growing, as is the fact that many students are eager to absorb new experiences from a new environment. We believe that this experience will enrich their lives and bring them new inspiration.


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