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Le point sur la situation politique italienne – Emanuele Massetti

Stefano Renzi 25 avril 2019


Emanuele Massetti is professor at the political studies department at the University of Trento.


In Italy the european parliamentary elections will take place on sunday the 26th of April. If the United Kingdom will eventually leave europe before that date the italian citizens will be called upon voting 76 MEPs, three more that the last elections.

The Italian electoral system for the european parliament seems quite complex : one share of the italian MEPs will be elected according to a party-list proportional system split into five regional constituencies, but most of them will be instead elected at a national level. Emanuele Massetti, could you please explain to our listeners where does this electoral system draws its origins from and how does it actually work ?


You are professor of political sciences at the university of Trento, and to give us a concrete example, will you vote in Trento ? and most importantly will you vote for the regional elected MEPs, for the national elected MEPs or rather for both ?