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Live Style Europe – 01/03/2019

1 mars 2019


In this 5th Live Style Europe radio show:

– Interview with Marc Steens from Clubcircuit, one of our two members in Belgium

More about Clubcircuit:

– Feedback on the first session of our Live Style Europe working group “Music is not noise”

Information mentioned:

World Health Organisation noise guidelines:

Live DMA Resource Platform:

– Interview with Thore Debor from Clubkombinat Hamburg about Fair-Tix, an alternative ticketing solution

More about Clubkombinat Hamburg:

More about Fair-Tix:

– Live DMA will attend the following events in March:

Pop Mind, Rouen, France – conference on the topic of fundamental human rights coorganized by Fedelima:

MIL, Lisbon, Portugal – showcase festival and conference:


Joost – Meeuw

Brutus – War

Pongo – Kuzola

Live Style Europe

Live Style Europe

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