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Live Style Europe 21/11/2018

21 décembre 2018


In December 2018, this happened at the Live Style Europe radio show:


  • Feedback on Audrey’s participation at a panel on the latest evolutions of the Creative Europe programme at the Transmusicales Festival in Rennes


  • Interview with Benjamin Freaigneau, in charge of communication & of circulation of information at Fedelima – Live DMA member in France

>> Website of Fedelima:

>> Latest study on employment:


  • The focus topic of this show was the second European edition of the Open Club Day – a joint European event happening on Saturday, the 2nd of February 2019 all over Europe

>> Open Club Day website:

>> Open Club Day registration form:


Interview avec Alex Bücheli, founder of the Open Club Day and director of the bar & club commission in Zürich (BCK), Switzerland

>> The website of BCK:


Interview with Aurélie Caraforra, responsible of programming and community projects at the venue Emmetrop in Bourge, France about their participation at the Open Club Day in 2019

>> The website of Emmetrop:


  • Launch of the outputs and tools developed during the two year project STAMP – Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals with the European Music Council

>> Link to the STAMP outputs:  

>> Online course on international cooperation & networking:


  • Interview with Ruth Jacobi, Secretary General of the European Music Council

>> The website of the European Music Council:



  • PressYes – On the run

  • La Fraicheur – The Movements


  • Arp Frique – Nos Magia

Live Style Europe

Live Style Europe

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