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Live Style Europe 12/10/2018

12 octobre 2018


In this first episode of the Live Style Europe radio show:


  • Focus on Live DMA’s activities at Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg, Germany (19. – 22.10.2018)


  • Presentation of the study conducted by EventKultur Rhein-Neckar, local live music network in Germany, Pop-Akademie Baden-Wûrtemberg, and Digitale Hochschule Baden-Würtenberg

Link to the study „Veranstaltungswirtschaft in der Metropolregion Rhein­Neckar“ (German)


  • Interview with Karsten Schölermann, president of Live DMA’s German member LiveKomm, on the associations current activities and challenges

>> LiveKomm:


  • Interview with Carmen Zapata, coordinator of Live DMA’s member in Catalonia Asacc and president of the association MiM (Mujeres de la industria de la musica) on initiatives that tackle the gender gap in the music industry

>> Asacc:

>> Mim:

  • Resources mentioned on gender policies in the music industries:

>> Index of initiatives, studies, and resources provided by the Music Cities Network:

>> Employment study co-conducted by la Fedelima (Live DMA’s member in France), le RIF (network for music organisations in Paris), and OPALE (resource centre) “l’emploi permanent dans les structures de musiques actuelles” (French):

>> IASPM journal on Gender Politics in the Music Industry published by the International Association for the Study of Popular Music:

  • Interview with Edlef Heeling, project manager of the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards

>> Music Moves Europe Talent Awards:


  • Live DMA November Agenda:

>> NIGHTS conference in Brussels (15-17.11.2018):

>> Slash convention in Nantes (22 – 23.11.2018):

>> STAMP event in Budapest (27 – 29.11.2018):


  • Brett – ein schöner Tag
  • Smerz – because


The Live Style Europe radio show is presented by Live DMA – European network for live music associations representing over 2500 live music venues, clubs, and festivals – and produced by Euradio.


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Live Style Europe

Live Style Europe

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