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Rock à la Casbah #665

12 juin 2019


Rock à la Casbah :

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Richard Hawley (BMG) Further – Off my mind

Amyl and the Sniffers (Rough Trade) – S/T – Gacked on Anger
Debate Club (Michel Records) Feeling Good 

Baptiste W. Hamon (…) Soleil, soleil Bleu – Coming Home
Townes Van Zandt (Poppy Records) – Our Mother The Mountain – Kathleen

Neighborhood Brats (Taken By Surprise Rcds)  – Claw Marks – Late Stage Capitalism
The Gold  ( Mean Disposition Rcds) –  S/T – Gimme Your Love 

Richard Hawley (BMG) Further – Further
Richard Hawley (BMG) Further – Is There a Pill

Marlon Williams (Dead Ocean) – Live at Auckland Town Hall – Is Anything Wrong (Lhasa)
Delaney Davidson et Barry Saunders (Rought Diamonds) – Word Gets Around – All Fall Down

Jungle Joe (auto-prod) – compilation Casbah Records Ramdam #12 – The Cursed Bird
The National (4AD) – I’am easy to find. – Rylan

Richard Hawley (BMG) Further – Doors