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Rock à la Casbah #666

19 juin 2019


Rock à la Casbah :

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Moonrite (Soundflat Rec) – S/T – Astral Gate
Mesa Cosa (Casbah Rec) – Infernal Cakewalk – 666
Mind Spiders (Dirtnap Rec) – Meldown – You are DeadCoathangers (Suicide Squeeze) – The Devil You Know – Fuck The NRA
Death Valley Girls – Darkness Reign – More deadGrowlers – Casual Accointance – Heaven in Hell
Vernon Selavy (Azbon Rec/Shit Music) – Stressed Desert Blues – Shoes of The DeadDead Brother (Voodoo) – Day Of The Dead – The Angel of Death
Delaney Davidson (Voodoo) – Self Decapitation – Back In Hell

King Dude – Music To Make War – Deand and Chorus
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood (Heavenly) – With Animals – My Shadow Life

Jc Satan

Moon Duo