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WHAT’S NEXT?! (Saison 01 – Episode 06)

Laurent Garnier 15 mars 2019

WHAT'S NEXT?!  (Saison 01 - Episode 06) - 

01- WLDERZ               -swimming in a plastic ocean     -SKRYPTOM   
02- J.C. BASTION         -intro (b.o.f Paris est a nous)  -MILAN
03- NUFF PEDALS          -drive by                        -GUTTERFUNK
04- IAN SIMMONDS         -rudy's choice                   -PUSSY FOOT
05- EL TXEF              -blue boat (snad Rmx)            -MATERIA EXOTICA 
06- FISH GO DEEP         -once more                       -SWEDISH BRANDY PRODUCTIONS
07- WILL SAUL            -for joanie                      -PHONICA
08- BLACK LIGHT SMOKE    -in gold                         -SCISSOR & THREAD 
09- CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA  -a promise                       -NINJA TUNE 
10- TILIBOO AFROBEAT     -dekondor                        -AGOGO 
11- DECAL                -in defense of loyalty           -SATAMILE
12- ANIMISTIC BELEIFS    -resequenced dna                 -CULTIVATED ELECTRONICS
13- THE WHITE STRIPES    -i fought piranhas               -XL
14- WALTER CORNELIUS     -ush!                            -CASCADE 
15- MOSAIC               -something different             -DISPATCH
16- CASEY JONES          -two weeks on mars               -NEX GEN 
17- KLAR TRAUM           -passion (marek hemmann rmx)     -ABSURD
18- SATOSHI FUMI         -sweep harmony                   -DETONE
19- JOHANNES VOLK        -awareness                       -COCOON 
20- VCI                  -frigia                          -DEFAULT SERIES
21- FLUTEBOX x MAUD DIB  -wicked labour                   -VISION MUSIC
22- YURGEN BLAKROK       -hibiscus                        -IOT
23- HARRY GRIFFITHS      -leafy chute                     -DEEP HEADS 
24- NICOLA GODIN         -club nine                       -BECAUSE
25- TOUCHY SUBJECT       -genral                          -RUA SOUND
26- HOMESICK             -afronta                         -DEFROSTATICA  
27- WAR                  -flying machine (MD Re-touch)    -UNITED ARTISTS