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Building Bridges

Par Laëtitia Vitaud

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Building Bridges

Fragmentation is synonymous with diversity, and it should be our strength!

"There’s no shortage of interesting thinkers in Europe and beyond. The reason we don’t know most of them is not that their ideas are uninspiring. Rather, it’s that these ideas are expressed in one of Europe’s many languages, and most Europeans who could be interested in them speak a different language.

Surprisingly, even when it comes to English-speaking thinkers sharing their ideas in English, it will fall on deaf ears in large European countries such as France, Germany and Spain. Here’s why: the local media are too focused on local issues; the publishing market is too fragmented; and many locals, however educated, don’t understand English anyway.

And so this is the situation we’re confronted with in Europe: the fragmentation from a language perspective makes it difficult to share ideas across borders and to have conversations at the continental level. 

I’ve designed Building Bridges to try and remedy that problem. This is the English-speaking branch of a broader platform—one on which I (and soon, others) will interview prominent global thinkers in their native language on a podcast, turn the audio file into a transcript, translate that transcript into as many European languages as possible, and distribute the translated versions across a syndication network covering as large a part of the continent as possible". Laëtitia Vitaud

Pour en apprendre plus sur les origines de Building Bridges, retrouvez-ici la présentation complète du concept par la fondatrice Laëtitia Vitaud : Building Bridges Accross Europe

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