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A final farewell “The end of a story of romance and betrayal” that is how Spanish newspaper El Confidencial described the divorce between Prime Minister Victor Orbán’s Fidesz party and the EPP, the centre-right block in the European Parliament. Tensions between the EPP group and its controversial member have been accumulating for years, but the introduction […]

Attacks on the freedom of expression A breakthrough in the Caruana Galizia case this week, when one of the three suspects changed his plea, admitted to all charges, and was sentenced with 15 years jail. It has been over 3 years now that the Maltese journalist and anti-corruption activist was murdered by a car bomb. […]

The visit that caused fury in Brussels It was not the first time for Josep Borrell to be called before the European Parliament to defend his actions. Last Tuesday, he tried to explain why he failed to push back against Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov on his visit to Moscow two days before. “Borrell faces fury […]

COVID-19, an end in sight ? Erik Ruiz Martín & Nadine Vermeulen This weekly broadcast series presents the European news from different angles and perspectives. Which events and developments have made the news, and how? Each week we take a closer look at one event that dominated this week’s news, and quickly discuss other topics […]

Les pays européens vendent des technologies de surveillance à la Chine ! C’est que ce nous dit un rapport d’Amnesty International ; en Bulgarie 10.000 manifestants se sont rassemblés mardi pour célébrer la fête nationale. Cette information serait passée relativement inaperçue si elle ne s’inscrivait pas dans un mouvement de contestation inédit dans le pays depuis deux […]