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Pourquoi certains étudiants Erasmus restent-ils en Europe ?

Écrit par sur 26 mars 2020

<< I am in Paris, and I have decided to stay here mainly because I have vulnerable relatives at home, so I don’t want to go home being symptomless, not realise and give it to them. I am doing a télétravail, so I’m working from home and have things to keep me occupied. And also because it’s not cheap to suddenly get out of a country I guess. I have found myself definitely doubting my decision a lot, especially after friends have made last minute changes and have decided to go home. >>

<< At this point it seems a bit ridiculous to travel home, which would involve me taking four or five different types of public transport and so coming into contact with hundreds of people which seems completely counterintuitive at this point especially as both France and the UK are in lockdown, and I would hate to think that I would inadvertently put anyone at risk least of all my own family of course. >>

<< I still have friends from university here, so we are keeping each other’s spirits up. It’s going to be long, but I’m sure we will get through it so hopefully it will sort itself out sooner rather than later and things can go back to normal. >>

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