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Coronavirus in Australia: a crisis under control?

Écrit par sur 31 mars 2020

<< We have effectively shut our borders now so that was our greatest rate of transmission. People are definitely of the opinion that he (Scott Morrison) should have shut the borders earlier. We apparently have the highest rate of testing worldwide, so if you look at the death rate – 1%, 2% – it’s really low. Whether you’re a private patient or not makes no difference, if you have symptoms of Covid-19 you rock up to the local hospital, you’re shoved in a queue with everybody else and you’re treated like everyone else. If people do take this seriously and do self-isolate then I think we can get it under control and we are getting it under control. We are such a vast country, we have a lot of space unlike Europe where everyone is living on top of each other. I think the distance we have on the ground and in between people is very helpful as well. On top of the bushfires we’ve had drought that’s affected this country for seven years, and it’s been decimated. It is so sad to watch, there’s five of us in this family and we are all now effectively out of a job. I think there are some small businesses that will not recover from this. They aren’t just shutting down for a week or two. Scott Morrison is saying this is a way of life they will have to get used to for six months, and when you’re a small business you just cannot recover from that. >>

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