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Trinidad and Tobago: the calm before the storm?

Écrit par sur 2 avril 2020

<< It was always a balance between doing things quickly and also not affecting the general population too severely economically. We depend on the US a lot for a lot imports to Trinidad and that is concerning. The borders are completely shut, even to Trinidad and Tobago nationals – even if you are from Trinidad, you cannot come back to Trinidad right now. We are a small island, so our healthcare system is not the most robust. We cannot handle 7,000 cases at any given time. I don’t think economically the government would be able to sustain that, because we are already a country that is in debt. I think our capacity right now is 1,500. That’s why even though we have less than 100 cases, they are implementing this full lockdown because if things were to explode, it would be catastrophic. >>

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