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Russie : “Je ne fais pas confiance au gouvernement”

Écrit par sur 3 avril 2020

Masha est russe. Elle vient de Krasnoïarsk dans le sud de la Sibérie, et au semestre dernier, elle a commencé ses études en Estonie. Depuis le début de la crise, elle a choisi d’y rester plutôt que de rejoindre sa famille, parce qu’elle s’y sent plus en sécurité qu’en Russie. Elle vous explique ses raisons.

I feel good in Estonia because it is like a small bubble : there is no one on the street, no one is using public transports. Whereas in Krasnoyarsk… I don’t know. I am afraid of the situation there.

Firstly due to the quarantine: the government has waited until the whole world was in quarantine to start taking some measures. In Krasnoyarsk, they asked businesses to force their employees to take one week of holiday if they could – t was not even a quarantine. But businesses don’t have the money to support people on paid leave. And if they are shut down during quarantine, where should they get the money?

So in short I am afraid of the situation in Russia because the virus spreads very quickly and we know it has already been around a long time. I also heard a lot of interviews of doctors who were worried that they don’t have enough masks, ventilators and other material. And I don’t trust the government to deal with the crisis. I know their statistics are shit and that they are not prepared at all.”

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