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Comment l’assouplissement des restrictions se passe-t-il au Royaume-Uni ?

Écrit par sur 18 mai 2020

Depuis mercredi, les citoyens du Royaume-Uni peuvent à nouveau sortir sans limite quotidienne, dans le cadre de l’assouplissement des restrictions par le premier ministre Boris Johnson. Un assouplissement controversé. En ont-ils profité ? Kelly et Andrew, citoyens londoniens racontent.

“I noticed a remarkable increase in combinations of people in the park today.”

“I head out on a bicycle early evening, and our local golf courses have been available as places to walk, but now our local golf course was absolutely full. It’s car park was full and the course was full more latterly.”

La responsabilité individuelle est accrue. Chacun souhaite éviter un nouveau confinement.

“There’s so much conjecture about the localization of outbreaks, about the particular segments of society who are more at risk that there are others who may now consider or perceive that they are less at risk that are saying that they can take their own responsibility.”

“I think that there is an acknowledgement that with the easing of restrictions there is definitely going to be an increase in the number of cases and the number of deaths. I think that’s quite a sobering thought, partly because they don’t want the increase, but partly maybe out of the fear that if the increase comes then are we going to go back into lockdown ? So it’s about safety for people, but it’s also about not going backwards.”

Une hausse du taux d’infection a été mesurée dans plusieurs pays d’Europe, comme l’Allemagne et l’Espagne, après l’assouplissement des restrictions.

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