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Live Style Europe #17 – 29/01/2021

Écrit par sur 29 janvier 2021

The European music sector is a diverse ecosystem of artists, live music organisers, publishers, not-for-profit organisations and music lovers. The production and enjoyment of music has changed a lot in the past years. In this context, and as part of Music Moves Europe (the sectorial programme from the European Union), the European Commission has recently published two studies to figure out ways to better understand the sector and better anticipate its evolutions in the future through a potential European Music Observatory. One study also focuses on market trends and gaps in funding for the music sector in Europe. You can find a summary of the studies on our website.

How can we better collect and analyse music sector data? Where is public support missing for the music ecosystem? How feasible is the implementation of a European Music Observatory?

We hope to answer these questions today with our guest Fabien Miclet, Independent Consultant in European Strategies who has worked on these two studies.

Guest: Fabien Miclet, EU affairs consultant for the cultural sector

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