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Live Style europe #24 – From Milano to Europe: COVID data, live music scenes and metropolis

Écrit par sur 3 mars 2022

These last years, with COVID, the venues’ activities stopped. We, at Live DMA, have released several studies on the impact of COVID restrictions on small and medium sized live music scenes. Today, we would like to dive a little bit more into these studies, notably with the Live DMA coordinator Audrey Guerre. But before taking a look at the European scale, let’s see what is happening at a more local scale. With Gaianè Kevorkian from the Italian live music association KeepOn Live, we will hear about the study they have done to see the impact of COVID for the live music venues in the city of Milan. This episode will also take a look at European metropolis cultural policy about live music.

Audrey Guerre, Live DMA coordinator & Gaianè Kevorkian, KeepOn Live (IT)

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