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Live Style europe #25 – Doing their part: European and local cultural organisations tackle climate change

Écrit par sur 4 mai 2022

It is a secret for no one that Human activities have harmed (and are harming) our planet and ecosystems. That is why many cultural actors are trying to find other ways of doing which would limit their impact on the planet and which try to counterbalance the domination dynamics in place between humans and their environment.

In this episode, we would like to focus on two projects that aim to help cultural actors to figure out how to start better ecological policies and practices: the SHIFT Culture eco-guidelines and the Digital Safaris on Sustainability. What is the role of culture in ecological transition? How cultural actors, be it at European or local level, can get help and inspiration on how to start better ecological policies and practices? These are the questions we will try to answer today.

Irene Garofalo (ELIA).

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