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Live Style Europe #26 – Footprints: Sustainable Music Across Europe

Écrit par sur 13 juin 2022

Each episode of Live Style Europe highlights a person, project or idea which focuses on supporting local live music scenes.

Today, we take you to Lyon, France, to discover the venue Le Périscope and their European project called Footprints: Sustainable Music Across Europe.

Footprints is a European collaborative programme aiming at helping all the actors of the music sector to move around the European music market. It also wishes to consolidate the European creative music community around ecological, social and economic challenges.

Based on mentoring programmes for young agents and artists, Footprints organizes two training campuses for mentees to be immersed in a network of experts, musicians and professionals before engaging in experimental and sustainable tours.

We were invited to the Footprints Spring campus in Lyon. Let’s push the door of Le Périscope and meet some of the people which make up the venue and the Footprints project.

Benjamin Kohler – Footprints / Le Périscope & Isla Van Hout (agent)

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