Live Style Europe

Live Style Europe #20 - 18/06/2021

Live Style Europe #20 - 18/06/2021

With over 400 000 music events, 950 000 artist performances and 70 million audience visits in 2017 (Live DMA Survey, 2020), concert venues and clubs are the music sector’s foundation when it comes to artistic creation and the development of new talents.

As part of our What artists say campaign, we asked artists from all over Europe to testify of the important role of these stages for their careers. We are starting a series of 3 radioshows which give the word to 3 artists.

This month, we invite Finnish duo Vildá, winners of the Music Moves Europe Talent Award, to have a chat with us on their relationship with the venues who saw their birth and discuss what it feels like to win an award.

Guest : Viivi and Hildá from the duo Vildá (FI)

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