Les podcasts d'Audencia

 Les podcasts d'Audencia

A series of podcasts produced by Erasmus students as part of their studies at Audencia Sciences Com. The workshop was given by 2 journalists, Vincent Gerles and Capucine Frey.

From October to December 2021, the students aimed to produce an audio production reflecting their view of the city of Nantes as foreign students. While some have focused on the health measures linked to the Covid19 pandemic, others have chosen to walk the streets of Nantes, or to plunge deeper into their own roots.

Covid France-Ukraine

How has life changed in France and Ukraine since covid passports are officially required everywhere ? Why do people in these countries want or do not want to be vaccinated ? And how citizens react to new government rules and restrictions?
A podcast produced by Alina REZNIK and Maryna MASLO, Ukrainian students, as part of their Erasmus curriculum at Audencia sciences Com.

CoVip Pass Podcast

How France is using the vaccine for the nightlife and restaurants compared to other European countries ? The perspective from which we have worked is that of young people and how that affects us. We are two young Erasmus students facing this problem far from home.

A podcast produced by Micaela ARMADA OJEDA and Laura PUENTE SANCHEZ, Spanish students, as part of their Erasmus curriculum at Audencia sciences Com.

City of surprises

Hello dear friends, we are three girls, Gaby, Irem and Sheila who met during our exchange semester in Nantes, France. “City of Surprises” is the name of the story we are going to tell you. Be a part of this journey through Nantes and the experiences of two friends discovering this beautiful city. Many unexpected things and surprises will happen. So relax, listen and enjoy !

A podcast produced by Sheila MILAK, Gabriela GARCIA CORCELA  and Saadet YLDIRIM, Spanish, Bosnian ans Turkish students, as part of their Erasmus curriculum at Audencia sciences Com.

Toltec to Nantes

‘‘THE NEW WORLD‘‘ that's how my grandmother called it, those distant lands that you could only imagine but no one had ever been to. My name is Thaay; now  I am at Nantes but I coming from the lands of my ancestors, the Olmecs, Toltecs and Teotihuacans, and this is my story.

A podcast produced by Thaaysto BERMUDES FLORES and Ralista PAPAZOVA, Mexican and Bulgarian students, as part of Their Erasmus curriculum at Audencia sciences Com.