"Live On!", positive and committed narratives on the future of Europe

 "Live On!", positive and committed narratives on the future of Europe

Live On! podcasts come from a one-year Erasmus+ project which gathered, in March 2024, young people from France, Italy and Serbia. Through an intense week of theatre and radio training in Turin, Italy, they wrote, edited and broadcasted their own radio podcasts, building on positive and committed narratives on the future of their territory(ies) and of Europe.

The project partners are : 

- ALTER EGO (X), France

- euradio, France

- Kulturanova, Serbia

- Radio Banda Larga, Italy.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. 

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Au printemps 2024, toute l’équipe d’euradio s’est rendue dans la ville de Turin en Italie, dans le cadre du projet Erasmus+ Live On!, coordonné par Alter Ego (X), compagnie de théâtre européen. L’objectif ? Réaliser des podcast et des émissions de radio, tout en apprenant à travailler en groupe, dans un environnement multiculturel (franco-italo-serbe en l'occurrence). Le tout était accompagné d’activités variées : théâtre, atelier pizza, ou encore musée du cinéma.

Au sein des studios de Radio Banda Larga, hôte turinois pour cette aventure, les journalistes ont réalisé une émission en direct, reprenant l’ensemble des découvertes faites pendant le séjour.

L’émission “Torino, journal de bord”, co-animée par Cassandre Thomas et Lou Surrans, est à réécouter en podcast, avec :

  • Lolla Sauty–Hoyer et son journal d’information détourné ;
  • Elsa Grimaud qui analyse les mécanismes d’intelligence de groupe, dans un milieu multiculturel ;
  • Hélène Bataille qui raconte l’exploration du Turin ésotérique, au gré des histoires de ses habitant·es, passionné·es de magie ;
  • Romain L’Hostis qui fait le bilan du Live On Project : une aventure humaine et européenne dans la capitale du Piémont.

“Civilization is a collection of stories about love, solidarity and everyday moments of connection” 

Things have the unique habit to last for so long, so what mark would we like to leave on earth before the end of the world ? 

Planet Earth, Year 3767. Centuries after the disappearance of humans, curious visitors from another universe discover a memory box. From the most decisive moments in Human’s History to their daily lives, this audio time capsule is an insight into what makes us who we are. 

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A podcast created by Emma Coudray, Ottavia Guercio, Robin Lamothe, Riccardo Lazzarato, Léo Lepinay, Lou Surrans, Tamara Tica.

In this podcast, our journalist, Elsa Grimaud, investigates on the importance of broadcasting in minority languages : from Rennes in France, to Turin, Italy, passing by Novi Sad, Serbia, she meets several people to talk about their relationship with minority languages and their experience of what it means to broadcast in these languages.

Press play to join her on this journey through Europe !

A podcast created by Elsa Grimaud, Sanja Đorđević, Mato Ratković, Melina De Macedo, Cassandre Thomas and Morgane Pommier.

English voiceovers by Martin Bordes and Théo Majcher.

8am. You're listening to the radio before going to work, and suddenly... BREAKING NEWS : this year's Eurovision song contest has been canceled. Maybe for you it's not such a big deal. Maybe it makes you want to cry. Maybe you don't even know what Eurovision is.

So what does Eurovision represent for European people ? If you want to know more, press play.

A podcast created by Eurydice Naudat, Milan Damjanović, Zélie Caillol, Giulia Brochiero, Alberto Romeo, Neven Hercegovac and Lolla Sauty-Hoyer.

You are listening to a podcast created by a group of journalists from Italy, Serbia and France. Join them as they wander the streets of Torino in search of the city's spirit. They will uncover the city's magical past, meet kind people who have spent their entire lives in the city, and talk to new inhabitants who have chosen Torino as their new home. You will hear about Torino's development as an industrial city, why it is known as the center of the white and black magic triangles and what it is like to make friends as a newcomer to the city.

The creators hope that their stories will inspire listeners to visit the city one day and discover the spirit of Torino from their own perspective.

A podcast created by Martina Dondi, Divna Prusac, Lana Ćapin, Romain L'Hostis, Hélène Bataille and Cassandre Miralles.