Goya's legacy as seen through Sergio Muro's eyes

 Goya's legacy as seen through Sergio Muro's eyes

An exhibition dedicated to Francisco de Goya has been an occasion to discuss Goya's legacy with the curator Sergio Muro.

Nantes hosted the 31 edition of the Spanish Film Festival between 9 and 20 March 2022. On this occasion, Sergio Muro curated an art exhibition at the Espace Cosmopolis to celebrate the 275th anniversary of the birth of the great Spanish painter Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.

The exhibition was called "Goya dreaming Goya - Los disparates de Fuendetodos". Goya is a master painter, and he continues to inspire artists nowadays. This exhibition gathered a selection of 50 original artworks made by contemporary artists. The collection reflects Goya's unfinished series of engravings entitled “Los disparates”, which reveal the night, the violence, and the grotesque. "Goya dreaming Goya" aimed to give continuity to this series with engravings by well-known contemporary artists.

"Art has not to be decorative. It is very important that art shocks us, and that we do a reflection. Otherwise we are not changing anything."

Francisco de Goya explored the absurdity of life, the vices of human nature, and especially the war. These themes are universal and artists are still dealing with them nowadays. Sergio Muro explained to us some of the artworks presented at the "Goya dreaming Goya - Los disparates de Fuendetodos" exhibition.

Un reportage réalisé par Carla Niculescu de l'Académie euradio