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University finals: exam uncertainty and curtailed celebrations

Écrit par sur 31 mars 2020

<< I’m meant to do 100% of my degree in three weeks. We’ve been in limbo for the past three or four weeks kind of knowing that conventional exams are not going to happen and they’ve kept on saying that they will update us without a proper timescale. The probable outcome is that they will make us do timed exams online but open book. Not only has that thrown my revision under the bus a bit, it has completely changed the way we are going to be examined. Had I known, I would have prepared very differently. None of the libraries are open obviously. For those people whose modules rely on actual physical books, it disproportionately affects different subjects and different modules in different ways. It’s impossible to revise, not only because there’s so much going on. Ignoring the massive mental, stressful side of it all which is clearly very heavy, just the knowledge that what you’re revising might not actually be useful really affects how much and how effectively you can work. For the last two years, all I’ve been working towards is to come out and be finished, and those last few weeks in the sun with your friends are incredible. Wearing white ties, being trashed, jumping in the river afterwards, we’ll never do. >>

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