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Wimbledon 2020: coronavirus claims latest sports victim

Écrit par sur 2 avril 2020

<< I think it was the right decision, I think once the Olympics had decided to cancel, and that was an event that was going to take place after Wimbledon, and once the decision was taken that there were huge question marks over construction site workers – normally they wouldn’t have to have started the build until April – once construction workers were under threat and you know, health and safety of them as well, I think it just became an absolutely impossible situation. The one thing that was pretty impressive about Wimbledon was that they have been fully insured. So, I think it was much clearer to just make a clean decision and then look ahead for next year. I think Wimbledon just thought they were going to try and hold off as long as possible, see if anything changed direction. It certainly didn’t occur to me a couple of months ago that we would not be playing at Wimbledon, that’s for sure. >>

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