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Coronavirus in Africa: a different beast to Ebola?

Écrit par sur 3 avril 2020

<< I find it very intriguing that the same rules apply here as they did in Ebola – don’t touch your face, wash your hands, keep a social distance etc. Having had Ebola experience has really helped in helping people here, to share with them an understanding on how to keep safe. So in Ebola, from the moment I left my house until I returned in the evening I did not touch my face, and that has been a key message I keep sharing. There was a feeling in West Africa that Ebola was more scary than the war. Here, there isn’t this intense fear. No one wants to get Coronavirus, that’s for sure. More, the underlying fear relates to the economic and social impacts. People have a very real worry that if hunger doesn’t get them, hunger will instead. We know domestic violence increases and we already have a lot of it. We know gender violence increases, we know abuse of children is very present and real. We also know that there is gang violence, and between the pressures of having a lockdown and everyone being in close quarters and close to each other, and the increasing economic stresses, will these spark off ? >>

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