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Coronavirus crisis: a rare case of business boom

Écrit par sur 8 avril 2020

The coronavirus crisis has spelled financial instability for countless businesses in Europe, but for some, it has been the opposite. Increased demand for certain resources has led to something of a breakthrough for businesses, such as that of Bella, who has a food delivery service business in Sweden. 

<< Because we were in such a situation where we were pushing five years, do we keep banging our heads against the wall ? Four and a half years of a lot of hard work. We’ve actually had a huge boom. What’s nice about it is that we actually feel like we’ve been able to help as well – it’s not just our business, we’ve had enquiries from hundreds of chefs. In the past two weeks I think we’ve had 250 enquiries from chefs who have been laid off. Now that so many people are working from home, it’s like the entire takeaway industry has moved to the suburbs. The chefs and the demand for food, it’s just completely boomed. It was a great push for people to accept takeaway, to accept other people cooking for them. Swedish people are very skeptical. So if things can just go back to normal but people still open themselves up to takeaway food. >>

The crisis has been something of a lottery in Europe, and whilst many have lost out, for select few it has spelled serious financial gain.

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