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Sweden: a European coronavirus anomaly?

Écrit par sur 10 avril 2020

Sweden is something of a European exception in that despite an ever-increasing number of cases, the government is still yet to introduce a period of quarantine. Bella, a local citizen, explains that this has not been necessary due to a pre-existing practice of social distancing. 
<< It was a bit naïve to not quarantine everyone who came back from the Alps, because the situation there was already quite dire and people knew it. I think it was naïve for people to go and it was naïve for Sweden not to tell everyone more firmly. Sweden has been listening to the experts rather than the government, and from what I gather they seem to have been really well prepared here compared to other countries. There must be a lot of luck involved too because life has been carrying on as normal. We think about everything we do, we think about when we go to the store, so it doesn’t seem to be that different. We are living a normal life, just being a lot more careful and a lot more responsable. There are more single person households than anywhere in the world here, you don’t live with multiple generations. People are just very to themselves. You’ll see people in pairs or very small groups, but big gatherings are not that common. >>
With the number of cases approaching 10,000 it remains to be seen whether this slightly more lenient stance will be maintained.

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