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Récit de quarantaine : une Tchèque confinée au Pérou

Écrit par sur 17 avril 2020

Une histoire peu croyable en Amérique du Sud. Klára Höllge, jeune voyageuse tchèque, a été “emprisonnée” par les autorités péruviennes, pendant un mois, dans son hôtel. Elle témoigne donc de son confinement au Pérou et de son retour en Europe.

“I’m Klára, I am 24 years old and for the last three months I have been travelling in South America. Actually there were very few cases in Peru when the crisis started in Europe. While in the Czech republic, there was about between two and three hundred cases, in Peru there was only about ten or fifteen. But the measures were introduced very rapidly and very strictly, so within three days, everything closed down, flights were cancelled and basically no-one had a chance to get back home. A few days before my flight was scheduled, the airports closed down so I couldn’t leave. It was forbidden to go outside anymore so I had to stay in a hostel, where after about ten days after the lockdown was introduced, there were two cases of coronavirus infection identified, so they placed the entire hostel under strict quarantine. We were not allowed to leave at all anymore, even to go to any supermarket. Overall the quarantine lasted almost one month. There were about one hundred and forty of us stuck in there and I think maybe 90 of them were from Europe. On Friday everyone was tested with the antibody tests. So the ones who tested negative for coronavirus were able to leave. However it’s important to know that these tests are actually very inaccurate, they have 80 % inaccuracy, so a lot of people who clearly didn’t show symptoms of coronavirus were left there because of the test results. I was flying with Germans but it was Swiss repatriation plane, so Czechs, Germans, Swiss and also some others nationalities like dutch were there too. The respective embassies all cooperated to be able to get us out. The army is in the streets now in Peru with lots of policeman. I’ve heard stories that the Peruvian police would be very selective of Europeans, in terms of checks and respecting all the rules, I’ve heart they were very strict towards Europeans. There were even cases of police storming into hostels and taking people into custody.”

Le premier cas confirmé au Pérou était une femme, revenue de son périple entre la France, l’Espagne et la République tchèque. Donc le Pérou et aussi les pays de l’Amérique latine restent très méfiants, surtout envers les Européens.

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