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“The imaginary can be more powerful than the real” : rencontre avec le réalisateur espagnol Javier Marco

Écrit par sur 18 mars 2022

He is a renowned short film director. His short film ‘Uno’ has won around one hundred awards, he’s been selected for Berlinale Talents 2020. But on the Evening Show, he presented his first feature film, Josefina, competing in the 31st edition of the Nantes Spanish film Festival.

Javier Marco has had many lives before starting his cinema career. He was a telecommunications engineer.

“I started cinema by making one short film a year with my friends”

The script of Josefina evolved over 7 years and dialogue gradually disappeared.

“Sometimes silence says more than words. Belén (the scriptwriter) and I  were changing as creators and felt we needed more silence and less dialogue.”

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