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INTERVIEW – How Germany is welcoming refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine

Écrit par sur 14 avril 2022

More than 4 million Ukrainian have fled their country since the Russian invasion. The countries neighboring Ukraine, Poland in the lead, are hosting most of these refugees. Almost 300.000 are officially registered in Germany. Many of them are arriving in Berlin where the reception is being organized as a matter of urgency. Interview.

Since March 20th, Berlin’s aid organizations, under the lead of the German Red Cross, have been operating the “Ukraine Arrival Center TXL” for refugees from Ukraine on the site of the former Berlin-Tegel Airport. Hendrik von Quillfeldt, desk officer for public relations at the German Red Cross Berlin, is telling us more about the situation on site.

What is the current situation in Berlin : how many refugees from Ukraine arrive daily ?

Who are the refugees arriving in Berlin ? What is their profile ?

How do they get to Berlin ?

At their arrival in Berlin, the refugees are brought to the “Ukraine Arrival Center Tegel TXL”, which is situated on the former Berlin Tegel Airport. This center is managed by Berlin’s aid organizations, under the lead of the German Red Cross for which you work. How is this center organized ?

In what state are arriving the refugees at the center ? What are their needs ?

The European police agency Europol warned that criminal gangs could exploit the plight of Ukrainian refugees, who are mainly women and children. There is a threat of illegal adoption, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. How is it in Berlin, are measures taken to avoid this ?

How do Berliners react to this refugee influx ?

In 2015, Germany already faced a similar situation. It welcomed more than 1 million of refugees, mostly from Syria. Did this precedent help to better face this new wave of refugees ?

What kind of help is needed right now at the “Ukraine Arrival Center Tegel TXL” ?

If you want to help at the “Ukraine Arrival Center TXL” you can register on this website. And for further information about Berlin’s aid organizations :

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