Brazil, Reimagined?

Agriculture of the Future?

Agriculture of the Future?

Agroforestry Could Save Brazil’s Rain Forests’ stated TIME in the beginning of this year.

By more and more farmers, agroforestry is considered as the solution to produce while at the same time working on reforestation and restoration. Recovering the lands cleared and degraded for monoculture farming.

This 4th episode of Brazil Reimagined? takes you to the farms of those who work with this method in Brazil’s Amazon biome and beyond. From small holdings hidden between the forest trees to nature reserves in the midst of degraded areas.

It includes interviews with farmers who carefully copy models already present in the forest, and youngsters who combine the recovering of lands with the recovering of ancestral knowledge and cultures.

Interviews with:

·       Tino Alves (Agrotropical Amazônia)

·       Denise Bittencourt Amador (Fazenda São Louiz da Boa Sorte, Mutirão Agroflorestal)

·       Luana Lopes (Terra Cura)

·       Grégori Martini (Harmonia)

·       Antorokay Lucas Mura & Tapuya Tatiana Mura (Nossa Maloca)

·       Jonas Steinfeld (PhD researcher Wageningen University)

Presentation and editing: Nadine Vermeulen

Music included in this episode:

·       Um Sonho by Naçao Zumbi;

·       Mutirão Agroflorestal;

·       Canto de Xango, by Baden Powell, Vinicius de Morais, and Aline Paes:

Dubbing and translation: Gustavo Caperutto Da Mota; Luana Cavalcante; Ani Deal; and Parker Deal