Brazil, Reimagined?

Nature Now Has Rights Too !

Nature Now Has Rights Too !

When talking about the reconstruction and reimagination of national environmental policies, Guajara-Mirim, a small border town located in what is perceived to be Brazil’s periphery, might seem of minor importance. Yet, it was precisely in this place that history was written in the beginning of March, when a public hearing was organised to recognise the rights of the Lajé River.

Thereby, Guajara-Mirim became the first municipality in the entire Brazilian Amazon to recognise the Rights of Nature – independently from human interests.

A decision with major consequences for the local indigenous communities, whose life depends on the wellbeing of the rivers. And a small victory for nature, who already got her rights recognised the past years in other Latin American countries (Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia).

 Interviews with :

·       Vanessa Hasson, (lawyer specialised in the rights of nature, founder NGO MAPAS).

·       Iremar Antonio Ferreira (project coordinator COMVIDA, environmental activist)

·       Erlan Domínguez (representative OCMA, Guayaramerin, Bolivia)

·       Elivar Karitiana, leader Karitiana-people

Presentation and editing : Nadine Vermeulen

Music included in this episode :

·       Um Sonho by Naçao Zumbi 

·       Apagar o Apagão de Consienciâ, by Iremar Antionio Ferreira

·       Amazonas by Kala Marka

Dubbing and translation : Gustavo Caperutto Da Mota; Ani Deal; and Parker Deal

Extracts included from the public hearing about the rights of the Lajé river in Guajara-Mirim on March 2nd, 2023.

Media extracts : The Rights of Nature a Global Movement (Documentary), Belo Monte dam dries up Xingu river's Big Bend, Indigenous communities and residents say (Mongabay, 2021).