Brazil, Reimagined?

EU – Brazil - Brazil, Reimagined?#7

EU – Brazil - Brazil, Reimagined?#7

A podcast about Brazil’s changing territorial, environmental, and agricultural policies. With the voices of those who are working to reconstruct, reimagine; and redivide. From urban to rural. In the Amazon and beyond.

While EU leaders have been cheering president Lula’s green ambitions, seeing it as the chance to reinforce EU-Brazil relations, what has actually changed since January 1st?

For this 7th episode of Brazil, Reimagined? I aimed to make a connection between the people working to reconstruct, forest, and produce in harmony with nature in Brazil; and the voices of those who are working to influence EU-Brazil policies and trade relations that could change the situation on the ground.

In Brussels and online; I talked about the EU deforestation law and the EU-Mercosur agreement, which can both have an important impact on deforestation and production in Brazil, as well as on the situation of people who depend on the protection of Brazil’s biomes. The episode also includes the story of leader Gãh Té Nascimento, who came from Porto Alegre to Brussels to alert European citizens and leaders about the invasions and destruction on her people’s land.

Interviews with:

-          Casica Gãh Té Nascimento. Sounds extracted from her intervention at an event organised by the organisation Espírito Mundo on October 25th in Brussels.
-          Dr. Patricia Pinho, Deputy Science Director at IPAM (the Amazonian Environmental Research Institute in Brazil) and lead author for the IPCC.
-          Nicole Polsterer, Sustainable Consumption and Production Campaigner at FERN NGO.

Presentation and editing: Nadine Vermeulen

Dubbing: Ani Deal

Music included in this episode:

·       Um sonho by Nação Zumbi

·       Amor, Amor, Amor by Mestre Luiz Paixão and. Renata Rosa

Media extracts:

·       AFP Português, October 2023. Caixa d’água do Brasil, Cerrado tem aumento no desmatamento em 2023.

·       Euronews. April 19, 2023. European Parliament approves law ensuring EU products are deforestation free.

·       Euronews. February 1, 2023. Explained, Why the EU-Mercosur trade deal could finally be ratified this year.

·       Euronews. 19 July 2023. Lula berates the EU for making 'threats' in talks to unblock the Mercosur trade deal.