Brazil, Reimagined?

Brasília, Capital of Hopes and Dreams - Brazil, Reimagined?#8

Brasília, Capital of Hopes and Dreams - Brazil, Reimagined?#8

A podcast about Brazil’s changing territorial, environmental, and agricultural policies. With the voices of those who are working to reconstruct, reimagine; and redivide. From urban to rural. In the Amazon and beyond.

Capital of Hope, that’s how Brasília was perceived when it was given shape in the 50s. Emerged from the ground in 5 years, the capital was hailed as a modernist miracle and a symbol of modernity in the wildness. For designers, politicians, workmen and citizens, it became a place of dreams, of change, of new times; but also, of disillusion.

For this last episode of ‘Brasil, Reimagined?’ I thought back of this city where I started my journey, of the place where I did my first interviews with people who talked to me about how to reimagine a place; here, through art and poetry. Within the concrete architectural design, they are creating a place under reconstruction: the Brasília of their own dreams.

Interviews with:

-          Meimei Bastos. Poet, writer, teacher, and owner of the cultural space Caracas Vei in Taguatinga.

-          Cláudia Garcia. Professor at the department of Architecture and Urban Studies at the University of Brasília

-          Marcos Fabrício Lopes da Silva. Poet, journalist and independent researcher.

Presentation and editing: Nadine Vermeulen

The article in the beginning and names of the streets of Brasília, were read by Cíntia Lemes.

Dubbing by Ani Deal and Parker Deal.

Music included from the beginning to the end: ‘Um Sonho’ by Naçao Zumbi, extracts from the band ‘Calango Careta’, recorded in the streets of Brasília; and ‘Sonho’ by Nego Bala and Elza Soares.