Brazil, Reimagined?

Never Again Without Us.

Never Again Without Us.

“Never Again a Brazil Without Us,” were the last words of Sônia Guajajara’s speech when she took office as the minister leading the 1st Ministry of Indigenous People in Brazil.

A unique moment in the history of the country. Celebrated as an important milestone in the fight of indigenous people in Brazil. For their lives and lands. For territorial rights; for the honouring of their cultures.

Through the voices of indigenous leaders, civil servants and representatives of NGOs, this new episode of Brazil Reimagined provides insight into the situation of indigenous people in Rondônia. A region where indigenous territories have increasingly become under pressure as a consequence of agricultural expansion.

What changed over the past years? And what might change in the upcoming? Are the tides indeed turning for indigenous people, their cultures being valued in the fight against climate change and for protection of the Amazon Forest?

Interviews with :

·       Ivaneide Bandeira Cardozo, coordinator of Kanindé

·       Elivar Karitiana, leader of the Karitiana-people

·       Juliana Karitiana Cinta Larga, nurse student

·       Dr Caio Machado, co-founder of Doctors of the Amazon (Doutores da Amazônia)

·       Thamyres Mesquita Ribeiro, biologist and indiginist / Kanindé

·       Roger Moreira, regional coordinator FUNAI Ji-Paraná/RO

·       Isac Oliveira Wajuru - Executive Secretary of the Indigenous Health Council of Porto Velho/ SESAI

Presentation and editing by Nadine Vermeulen

Dubbing and translation: Gustavo Caperutto Da Mota; Luana Cavalcante; Ani Deal; and Parker Deal

Music included:

- Mamãe Jiboia by Cantos da Floresta, Txai Vitor & Txai Nomar;

- DJ Alok, Mapu Huni Kuî, the Yawana Group and Owera MC live from the UN Headquarters in New York;

- Um Sonho by Naçao Zumbi