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Interview et Live Session ° The Slow Sliders

Written by on 18 octobre 2018



Before their performance on Saturday at the Stéréolux in Nantes, Hanna, the current presenter of ‘The Euradio Show’, had the opportunity to welcome The Slow Sliders into the studio for an interview and a live session. The group played us two tracks: ‘Pady’ and ‘Empty Days’ taken from their first album ‘Glissade Tranquille” that was released last month with Kythibong Records. The release of ‘Glissade Tranquille’ is being celebrated by the group doing a tour of France, during which they will play at the Stéréolux in Nantes this weekend. The group talked to us about how they were signed by Kythibong records, the different musical scene in Brest, where they are originally from, to Nantes where they are now based and the work they do with Edgar Imbault who produces their unique music videos. We also talked about the countries that they would love to play in, with all of them agreeing that they would love to have the chance to play in Japan. They finally told us about the concert that they are doing in Nantes this Saturday and how they are excited to play with other bands that they know – The World and Binidu – you can find out more about this event here:

Avant le concert au Stéréolux ce week-end, Hanna, l’animatrice actuelle de ‘The Euradio Show’ a eu l’opportunité d’accueillir ‘The Slow Sliders’ de faire une interview et un live session. Ce groupe a joué deux morceaux: ‘Pady’ et ‘Empty days’ de son premier album ‘Glissade Tranquille’ qui est sorti en septembre grâce à ‘Kythibong Records’. La sortie de cet album est marquée par une tournée en France, y compris un concert à Nantes ce week-end. Le groupe a expliqué comment il s’est trouvé avec Kythibong Records, la différence entre la scène musicale à Brest, la ville d’origine du groupe et à Nantes, sa ville d’adoption et sa collaboration avec Edgar Imbault qui réalise des clips uniques. On a aussi parlé des pays dans lesquels ils voudraient jouer et tout le groupe était d’accord, il serait ravi de faire un concert au Japon ! Finalement, il a parlé du concert qui va se passer ce week-end et vous pouvez trouver plus d’information ici: 

They also told us about a few concerts that they saw for our section at Euradio ‘a gig that changed my life’, you can listen to it here: 


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