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L’assurance automobile : de nouvelles politiques rentables à cause de la crise ?

Written by on 7 mai 2020

Beaucoup moins de voitures sur la route depuis le début du confinement. Ce qui remet en question la tarification classique de l’assurance automobile. Ben James est directeur des opérations chez By Miles, un fournisseur d’assurance automobile au Royaume-Uni. Il a adopté une politique de paiement au kilomètre, et Ben explique pourquoi selon lui cette politique est particulièrement appropriée actuellement.

“In the current crisis, people have had a massive dropoff in their mileage, so we offer pay-by-mile policies. So, by default, once the fixed annual cost is paid upfront, it covers the car while it is parked for the year, and it is usually much less than what the total annual cost would be. And then on top of that, our members just pay for the miles that they drive each month. So by default, our policy is that now customers are not driving, they are not paying anything more for the miles that they drive. There has not been the technology in the past to do it, but with the telematics devices that we use at the moment, it is a very easy thing for the customer to receive, plug in and then you are good to go.”

Ce système pourrait être plus largement adopté dans les compagnies d’assurance automobile après la crise.

“A lot of customers will remember how they are treated in a crisis like this, and obviously most of the insurers in the UK haven’t given a partial refund to their customers. I think customers will remember that and look towards more flexible insurance policies. Obviously, if it is costing traditional insurers the profit to not have fairer and more flexible models, it is something that they will look to do to bring those customers back.”

De nombreuses compagnies d’assurance en Europe continuent de faire payer le plein tarif à leurs clients.

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