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ABOUT THE ALBUM : It’s safe to say Gurr have had a busy year. Aside from beating off stiff opposition (The XX, Laura Marling & King Krule) to win the much coveted IMPALA European Album of the Year Award, the German duo have toured relentlessly – a sold-out headline tour and support tours with Kraftklub […]

ABOUT THE ALBUM : Interview with Timo Weismann from Hamburg Music :   THE NOW SOUND OF GERMANY’S UNDERGROUND!!! VOLUME 5 OF THE BURGER WORLD SERIES COMPILING THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST BURGER STARS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!! Joint release with Hamburg Music!!! 01 BALAGAN – Aggressive 02 Gurr – Moby Dick 03 my […]

ABOUT THE ALBUM : Interview with Gruff Rhys : “I’d made a note of the name after driving past a sign when I was on tour in 2014. Cut to a few years later and the studio where I recorded the album was being knocked down just a week after I finished to make way […]

ABOUT THE ALBUM : Interview with Alice from Virginia Wing :   Our favourite records are the perfect counterbalance of the considered and the superficial. Whether it’s Madonna, Talking Heads or Holger Czukay – we enjoy these artists in the background with friends or profoundly and alone. Virginia Wing both understand and embrace this concept […]

ABOUT THE ALBUM : After releasing a pair of playful records alongside of The Wave Pictures, and two albums of folk shanties and old-time calypso with Norway’s folk troupe The Kaniks, Stanley Brinks’ next release for Fika Recordings is back to being a solo affair, albeit with collaborator and long time muse Clemence Freschard alongside […]

ABOUT THE ALBUM : Interview with Simon Dallaserra from VAGUE :   On June 1st 2018 the Vienna and Berlin based band VAGUE will release their new album Land. It is a highly diverse and ambitious piece of art. While still carrying the guitar-driven signature sound of the previous works, the band created a record, […]

ABOUT THE ALBUM : C’est un retour inespéré qu’on n’attendait plus. Groupe culte des années 1990 et 2000, The Married Monk (MM pour les afi cionados) revient dix ans après son cinquième album, Elephant People (2008), dont on craignait à force d’attendre son successeur qu’il clôture une discographie exemplaire. Formé par Christian Quermalet, chanteur et […]

ABOUT THE ALBUM : Interview with Orvar Smarason :   Finally the time has come for múm’s Örvar Smárason to release his 1st solo album. „Light Is Liquid“ is made up of eight precious electronic pop songs that show him both as a gifted songwriter and producer.It’s an update of the sound that made múm […]

ABOUT THE ALBUM : Interview with Michael Mottet from Lion In Bed :   Tous ceux qui ne se sont toujours pas remis de la fin d’Angil&The Hiddentracks, bonne nouvelle : Mickaël Mottet est enfin de retour ! Accompagné de sa compagne, la belle et talentueuse Schérazed O. (Dotsy Dot), ils ont créé le projet […]

ABOUT THE ALBUM : Musique. La musique avance, ondule, s’en va vers la peau des corps, elle caresse et pénètre, rêche parfois, ne disant jamais qui elle est. A nous de deviner, de répondre qu’elle enchante ou qu’elle fatigue, qu’elle n’est pas un discours et n’attend pas de réponse. Il n’est pas question d’ajouter qu’elle […]