Brazil, Reimagined?

The Political Transition

The Political Transition

This first episode takes you to Brasília, the political capital, at the time of the political transition. It includes interviews with scientists and experts in different policy areas, allowing to understand what impact ‘A posse do Lula’ can actually have on environmental and agricultural policies, and on the groups impacted by them.  

Interviews with : Ivaneide Bandeira Cardozo (Kanindé); Ricardo Barbosa, Jr. (Researcher International Relations at University of Brasília); Juscelino Eudâmidas Bezerra (Professor in Geography at the University of Brasília); Martha Fellows (Researcher at the Amazon Environmental Research Institute); Thiago Lima da Silva (Professor International Relations at the University of Paraíba).

Presentation and editing : Nadine Vermeulen

Dubbing : Ani Deal

Music included : Reza Forte of Baiana System and Um Sonho of Nação Zumbi.